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Latest News: January 10, 2018 - FLExTrans 1.5 - Introducing the View Source/Target Apertium Text Tool

Introducing the View Source/Target Apertium Text Tool in FLExTrans 1.5. A tool to give a friendly view of the Apertium files. Also the Live Rule Tester tool is updated to use the friendly format.


Previously if you wanted to check the output of the ExtractSourceText module, you had to understand the Apertium data stream format which looked like this:


The tool allows you to increase the text size, change the font, make it flow Right-to-Left or open the text in a browser. You can also toggle between viewing the source Apertium file or the target Apertium file.

October 10, 2017 - Introducing the RunApertium module in FLExTrans 1.4. A virtual machine is now not needed and the Apertium tools can be run in the Windows 10 Linux subsystem.


October 21, 2016 - Introducing the Live Rule Tester tool. New virtual machine setup.

With this tool you can quickly test one or more transfer rules against words or sentences from your source text. This tool is especially helpful for finding out why transfer rules are doing what you expect them to do. You can zero in on the problem by selecting just one source word and applying the pertinent transfer rule. LiveRuleTester Also with FLExTrans 1.3.6 comes a new virtual machine setup that makes it easy to get the Apertium virtual machine set up to do automatic transfer rule processing. The installation instructions explain all you need to do. And now the virtual machine not only processes your transfer rules, but it also is used for the Live Rule Tester tool. There is a new Output folder under FlexTools where all the output file get put by default. Under Output is a LiveRuleTester folder which is used by the new tool.

Also with FLExTrans 1.3.6 comes two sample FLEx projects for German and Swedish. Out of the box, FLEx trans is set up to translate a sentence from the sample German project to the sample Swedish project. See the end of the installation instructions.

June 21, 2016 Download one zip file with everything

Now you can download one zip file that has everything you need (Python must be installed separately). It has FLExTools with FLExTrans and SenseLinker modules.

  • FLExTrans 1.3.5 handles variants of senses.
  • SenseLinker 2.0 is a major enhancement that allows the user to see every sense in the text and what it is linked to. Senses that have links can be changed. Unlinked senses will have suggested target senses to link to (shown in blue) when there is a match or near match on gloss. Other senses where no match is found are shown in red. A list of all target senses is provided so the user can create links to whatever target sense he/she wants. This new version also does "fuzzy" comparisons to find sense glosses that are near matches.
  • SenseLinker 2.0.1 has a fix for refreshing the table after filtering or unfiltering. Also it disallows setting the Link It column to 1 if no target information is present. SenseLinker

August 21, 2015 Introducing the Sense Linker tool

This tool automates linking source and target senses.

March 9, 2016 Introducing a GUI editor for transfer rule files

Use XML Mind's XML Editor (XXE) to edit the XML-formatted transfer rules. By using this editor you avoid the pitfalls of editing an XML file in a text editor. With XXE you don't have to deal with <> notation. You can't make an incorrectly structure rule file. Validation checks are done to make sure references to things like categories or variables are correct and much much more. TransferRules

May 26, 2015 FLExTrans is Born!