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FieldWorks Translation Editor (TE)

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Translation Editor helps Bible translators edit and check Biblical text in a vernacular language.

In Translation Editor, members of a translation team can do any of the following:

  • Edit Scripture text in almost any language of the world for which there are Unicode-based fonts, keyboards, and writing systems.
  • Produce back translations for checking.
  • Review drafts and insert notes.
  • Use anthropological and lexical data in the FieldWorks project to support translation decisions.
  • Run checking tools to find errors.
  • Create and use a spelling dictionary to check the spelling of the vernacular language, and use spelling dictionaries for the languages of wider communication (e.g. in back translations).
  • View Biblical resources from Paratext if it is installed.
  • Control opening and placement of Libronix window when starting.
  • Synchronized scrolling with other programs (e.g. Translators Workplace, Libronix, etc.)
  • Scripture treated as texts in the FieldWorks suite which means that all of the work FLEx allows with texts (e.g., interlinear, discourse charting, text annotations, parsing, etc) all works on the Scripture data as well

There are currently 2 versions of Translation Editor:

  • Translation Editor 3.0.6 (In Fieldworks 6.0.6) is intended to be the last release for Fieldworks 6, and is recommended for general use.  This version is Windows-only.
  • Translation Editor 4 (packaged with Fieldworks 7 Alpha) is still in beta testing.  Translation Editor 4 will support both Windows and Linux.



7.0.6 (Stable) or 7.2.2 (





SIL Status


Supported Operating Systems

Linux, Windows, Windows XP, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit

Unicode Support


Suitable tasks

  • From the text corpus, look up words in the lexicon
  • Test the text corpus against the grammar (e.g. the syntax or discourse)
  • Access reference materials (such as commentaries and translation notes)
  • Access original biblical language texts and other source texts
  • Create and edit Scripture database(s) to contain the translation, exegetical notes, test results, back translation, team notes, and consultant notes
  • Create and edit drafts of books directly
  • Make medium-quality printouts for testing/sharing purposes
  • Verify that no pieces of information (verses, perhaps phrases) have been accidentally omitted
  • Verify that key terms and proper names have been used consistently
  • Perform other checks (formatting, paragraph/section breaks, numbers/weights, parallel passages, OT quotations, etc.)
  • Interlinearize the translation, glossing it in an LWC
  • Create back-translations in an LWC
  • Mark the test/check status of each verse or section
  • Localizable (i.e. user interface can be translated)
  • Compare/merge edits to the same data across multiple computers
  • With support for multiple scripts
  • With support for complex non-Roman scripts
  • Archive data in Unicode in a long-life file format (e.g. XML)
  • Check spelling
  • Convert data between Unicode and legacy encodings
  • Convert between formats (e.g. SFM and XML)
  • Do research, look up information

Interface Language

English, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese


Open Source

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