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Literacy Starter

Literacy Starter provides the tools necessary to process and correctly divide words from any language into syllables.

Consistent Changes Program and User’s Guide

Consistent Changes (CC) is useful for finding all occurrences of specified characters, words, or phrases in a text file or series of text files, and then changing them in a consistent way. The change may be done in every occurrence found or only when certain conditions are met.


Flashgrid is a plugin for Fieldworks which extracts lexemes and creates flashcards for use with ANKI. It was developed by the late Jonathan Coombs. This is very helpful for language learning.

Alpha Tiles

Build literacy game apps for Android devices. Apps do not require an Internet connection for play.

Most language development teams prepare the build files and forward them to the author for app creation. Collaboration occurs in a Google Drive. Language teams fill out a Google Sheets template with eight tabs (one for each data file required by the app). Language teams also upload one .mp3 audio file and one .jpg or .png image file for each word in their word list. The author uploads trial apps to the shared folder.

It is also an option to use the source code (available at ...


Enables transmogrification of user designed parameters.