FieldWorks 8.3.11

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We are glad to announce that FieldWorks version 8.3.11 is being released. This version fixes some serious problems we have seen with version 8.3.10.


As of release 8.3.9, XP is no longer supported. This is due to some of the changes made so FLEx will work with Paratext 8.



FieldWorks for Windows will work with Paratext 8. FieldWorks for Linux will have to wait until version 9 to support Paratext 8.

Most machines already have .Net 4.6.1 installed. But, especially on Windows 8/8.1, this may need to be installed for the Paratext 8 interface to work.

After upgrading to this version, the data will not open in any version prior to 8.3.1, so make a backup before upgrading. If you are sharing data with others, the entire team should use a version of FieldWorks with the same data model. For more specifics about version 8.3 and the changes made, see the release notes.

Bugs fixed since 8.3.10

  • LT-18738 Provide a new FLEx Bridge that does not time out when Chorus Hub has hundreds of projects (although it will still be slow).
  • LT-18784 Update Ethnologue language data.
  • LT-18798 Update XAmple to fix a silent crash in the parser.