FieldWorks 9.0.4 Beta

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We are glad to announce that FieldWorks version 9.0.4 Beta is being released. The changes are listed below.

FieldWorks 9.0 now has a 64-bit Windows version, a new installer, and fixes a lot of older bugs. The main features of this release are as follows:


  • Large project Improvements FieldWorks 9.0 introduces a 64-bit version of FieldWorks on Windows, which will allow FieldWorks to access more memory to help large projects. A 32-bit version is also available.
  • New Installer With this release, we are introducing a completely new installer. You only need to install the base installer once. After that, all it will take is a patch to upgrade to the latest version.
  • Translation Editor (TE) is no longer installed with FieldWorks. We recommend that you use Paratext instead. If you are not already using Paratext, it’s time that you start using that.
  • Fonts Fonts, that were normally installed with FieldWorks will no longer be upgraded if they already exist. This is to prevent losing customized versions of these fonts. However newer versions of the fonts may be available. If you want the latest versions please visit the relevant font web sites:
  • DB4o (or Sharing) is no longer available with FieldWorks. This was intended as a temporary solution until Send/Receive was implemented. Now that Send/Receive works well, please use that instead of the older method of sharing data.
  • Locale Data Markup Language (LDML) Writing system definitions are now accessed from an SIL online repository when creating a writing system and connected to the Internet.
  • Phonology Assistant will not yet work with this version.

Bugs fixed in version 9.0

  • LT-13421 Fix a crash restoring the default layout in the Semantic Domain list.
  • LT-14674 Fix crash merging two analysis writing stystems after inserting some category.
  • LT-14385 In Send/Receive, correct conflict report from appearing when no conflicts (at least one instance).
  • LT-15651 Correct crash on “Bulk Edit Entries” pane when select “None of the above” option in the inflection features.
  • LT-15955 Correct problem with dictionary preview on entries that were main entries, then variant entries, then main entries again.
  • LT-16229, LT-18826 Correct problem in Interlinear texts, on the analyze tab where morphemes are blank, but appear when they get the focus.
  • LT-16462 Correct intermittent audio writing system buttons.
  • LT-16209 Correct Linux title writing system error.
  • LT-7445, LT-17797 Correct ‘Definition or gloss’: gloss in WS X is blocked from publishing if WS Y has a definition.
  • LT-17672 Correct Memory Error prevents restoring Backup file.
  • LT-17824 Correct refresh in Reversal Index that causes crashing and confusion.
  • LT-17205, LT-17114 Prevent ‘Project has stopped working error when opening large project.
  • LT-17821 New or renamed Unidirectional lexical relations now show initially in publication view.
  • LT-18339 Improve Text Interlinearization after Send/Receive
  • LT-18042 Fix S/R with adding same reversal entry name in the same reversal entry field leads FLEx to “Startup Problem”.
  • LT-18219 Jump to Lexical Relation (any link) from Preview Window now works if filter on.
  • LT-18246 In Linux, number and bullet style information retained on export/import of “Configure Dictionary”.
  • LT-18253 Set Variant Type consistently to ‘Unspecified Variant’ when a variant is created.
  • LT-18517 Don’t crash when changing the writing system.
  • LT-18547 Don’t lose Discourse Chart changes in Send/Receive.
  • LT-18553 Linux pictures are retained in Send/Receive.
  • LT-18633 Correct Dictionary view crashes with CmPicture with missing file name.
  • LT-18736 Anthropology categories no longer disappear from Text Info tab in Notebook after Send/Receive.
  • LT-18742 Update the ReadMe Files’ mention of the FieldWorks website.
  • LT-14348, LT-17602, LT-18771 Fix undoing Relations leads to duplicates and crashes.
  • LT-18868, LT-18964 Correct a random error that involves text rendering.
  • LT-18979 Correct a crash when attempting to upload to webonary.
  • LT-19053 Fix a crash deleting inflection classes.
  • LT-19079 Add end segment characters for Khmer script.
  • FW9 allows custom fields on interlinear segments.