Taming the data-hungry Translator’s Workplace Logos edition

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When installing translators workplace Logos edition in an area with poor Internet, the experience can be very frustrating. That activation process itself may consume 20 or 30 MB of data, but once that is done, there is no need to stay online for the downloading of gigabytes of data. We are going to show you how to install and use Logos with very little bandwidth consumption.

There is a way to activate Logos off-line using a temporary key that can be supplied by the SIL translation department in Dallas, however, we've experimented with this method and feel that it is best to be avoided. The version of Logos that may be installed with the temporary key has to be generated by the company, and by the time the flash drive makes it to your area of the world, the version of Logos will already be out of date. And since the off-line activation is only temporary, requiring that you get connected within a period of 60 days, we feel it is best to avoid this scenario altogether. Get a cell phone, get a satellite phone, get whatever you need to connect to the Internet for the purpose of activating the license, and then follow the very detailed instructions provided on the Logos website.

Here is an overview of the process:

Install Logos on one computer at your support center. You will need to purchase a license and register it for the purposes of computer support to Logos users. You will allow that machine to regularly update the software and resources for the purpose of distributing them to the people you support in your area. Following the detailed instructions, you'll copy the full installation files that Logos keeps in a directory of the installed Logos program to a flash drive. You may then carry that flash drive to wherever you need to do an installation of Logos. For each computer, you will have to install either the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Logos. We are assuming here that a license was purchased for the machine and that a Logos account has been created and has been granted access to the Translators Workplace resources. When starting Logos, you'll need to connect the computer to the Internet, log in with the username and password of the user's Logos account. You'll wait while activation takes place, just until the status bar indicates “Downloading Resources” at which point you will close Logos and stop the Internet connection. Copy the resources from the flash drive to the computer, then restart Logos, selecting “Work Offline”.  Logos will start to work installing and indexing all the resources, which will take some time but the installation is now complete!

To update resources from a flash drive at a later date, the procedure is quite simple. You can even keep the resources on a network drive instead of a flash drive. Just open Logos and type the following into the command window:

scan D:\resources        (replacing “D:\resources” with the path to the resources)

Logos will find all the resources that user is licensed to use and will install them.

We are grateful to Logos for providing a solution that will make it easier for us to use Logos in areas with low connectivity!