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Lexicography (creation of dictionaries) is a vast field with many specialties. This competency covers the usage and training of users to use current lexicography tools to create,  fill, edit, and link lexical entries. While a language technologist is expected to teach lexicography tools, lexicography workshops should always be held with a competent linguist familiar with the language family who can help the participants with the details of analysis and classification.

Assessment Criteria: 

Able to consult others in building and using lexicons.

Growth Activities

The following activities have been identified to achieve comptency in Lexical Tools in levels from Learner to Expert.


Participate in lexicography training event as a teaching assistant..


Prepare and teach lexicography tools module as part of a training event.


Lead or prepare a lexicography tool training event.


Lead lexicography tools trainings for linguistics consultants.