Aide à la tâche : Computer Hardware

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Computer Hardware

Familiarity with basic components of a computer


While hardware support is not a goal of a Language Technologist, in the absence of a dedicated technician, it is often necessary to resolve basic hardware problems before continuing with LT work. This competency invites the candidate to stay up-to-date with the use and troubleshooting of current and coming hardware and its basic usage. Those hoping to specialize in Language Technology will need to strike a healthy balance between LT and IT to progress in LT.

Assessment Criteria: 

Able to troubleshoot physical computer problems.

Activités de croissance

Les activités suivantes ont été identifiées pour atteindre comptency en terme de % : nom en apprenant les niveaux à Expert.


Identify the various hardware components and understand their function.


Spend time with an IT professional while they troubleshoot computer hardware issues.


Troubleshoot hardware issues, and recommend appropriate hardware for language program use.


Research the latest hardware components.