Aide à la tâche : Digital Vitality

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Digital Vitality

Knowledge of digitization of minority languages.

Assessment Criteria: 

Demonstrates the ability to inform and assist communities in the digitization of their language.

Activités de croissance

Les activités suivantes ont été identifiées pour atteindre comptency en terme de % : nom en apprenant les niveaux à Expert.


Explore the internet to find new tools that could be adapted for use by local language groups.


Assist language teams to add their language to the Unicode Common Locale Repository. Promote sustainable Orthographies. Work with representatives to manage Ethnologue / ISO 639 codes if necessary.


Assist teams to create localized tools for their languages. This could include vernacular websites, spelling and grammar checkers and Wikipedia.


Assist teams with well-developed orthographies and a wide variety of text resources to create resources such as spell checkers, text-to-speech, parsers, machine translation, and voice recognition.