Aide à la tâche : Fonts & Encoding

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Fonts & Encoding

Complete understanding of fonts, encoding, and glyphs used to display scripts.


Since Gutenberg, the richness of written literature have been most widely expresssed through typefaces, or fonts. Some scripts and fonts reinforce cultural or community identity. Some fonts provide increased legibility across different types of screens and printers, and others attempt to reintroduce some emotion or style to typed text. A Language Technologist is expected to be aware of or investigate the fonts that can be used for various languages to promote that expression. This may include testing, installing, troublesheeting, and bug-reporting existing fonts and styles. History has left us with various encodings (storage and retrieval methods) such as ANSI and Unicode that are likely to affect these choices, and require conversions. This competency invites you to untangle this complexity in order to consult and support appropriate use of fonts and encoding.

Assessment Criteria: 

Able to troubleshoot font and display issues, and convert between encodings.

Activités de croissance

Les activités suivantes ont été identifiées pour atteindre comptency en terme de % : nom en apprenant les niveaux à Expert.


Identify local scripts, fonts and encodings (Legacy/Unicode/NFC/NFD)


Convert data between common scripts and encodings. Optionally, explore tweaking fonts.


Create and and use a custom encoding conversion. Set up a transliteration project in Paratext, etc.


Research alternate scripts...