Aide à la tâche : Keyboards

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A large part of interaction with our devices happens through a keyboard. A Language Technologist is expected to help users choose keyboards that are appropriate for language, encoding, and physical layout. Existing keyboarding solutions may not correspond to the needs ot the communities in which you work. If keyboarding solutions are non-existent or poorly adapted to input of local languages, a Language Technologist may be needed to develop a new solution, either by adapting an existing solution or inventing a new one. This will include solutions for mobile, desktop, and emerging technologies.

Assessment Criteria: 

Able to teach others how to create and distribute keyboard solutions.

Activités de croissance

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Install appropriate virtual keyboarding solutions on user computers.


Configure applications to work with the appropriate keyboards, through system language association and switching


Work with individuals to create custom keyboarding solutions.


Teach a group how to create custom keyboard solutions for redistribution.