Aide à la tâche : Lexical Import

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Lexicography (creation of dictionaries) is a vast field with many specialties. This specialist competency involves disambiguation (removing any doubt about the classification and relationship) of data and importation into a modern lexicography program. This is often a non-trivial task when importing poorly structured or unstructured data. Once the data is clean, structured, and in an appropriate encoding, it can then be imported into a modern lexicography tool. Even this process does not always have expected results.  Higher levels of competency may include scripting a conversion of "formatted" dictionaries using contextual and formatting cues. 

Activités de croissance

Les activités suivantes ont été identifiées pour atteindre comptency en terme de % : nom en apprenant les niveaux à Expert.


Explore and use the relevant import/conversion tools for your entity. Import two simple lexical databases into appropriate Lexical software.


Import 5 lexical databases with some levels of complexity and messiness into appropriate lexical software.


Convert messy or "formatted" dictionaries (e.g., Word, PDF) into SFM and Import them into a modern tool.


Train LT or Linguistics Consultants on how to import their lexical data into FLEx.