Aide à la tâche : Software Development

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While not every Language Technologist will chose this path, the best way to learn how a programmer thinks is to become one. This will permit you to quickly draft a software solution to a problem or to help find and test the relevant code in a bug report. There are millions of open-source applications online where you could lend or sharpen your skills in any programming language. Learning to use one programming language creates an easy bridge into the next...and so on.

Assessment Criteria: 

Is able to develop or improve a software solution to a complex problem.

Activités de croissance

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Find out what languages are used to program the tools you use. Explore a programming language that may be applicable to your work.


Start to learn a the basic levels of a programming language, for example, Python, Perl or Javascript.


Plan and develop a utility or participate in open source projects to apply your new skills.


Work with others to maintain a complex application, complete with proper error handling and documentation.