Keyman Desktop - Multilingual Virtual Keyboard

Info updated: 2018-04-13
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Keyman Desktop is a multilingual virtual keyboard application.  It enables a user to type in any of over 600 languages in any Windows application such as MS Office, email, SIL Fieldworks, web applications, Adobe applications and many more. Designed with the user in mind, it is the market-leading keyboard mapping solution. Well-supported across Windows-based software, it brings a simple solution to the complexity of typing in a range of languages and scripts that are either unsupported or only partly supported by the operating system.
Some key features of "Keyman Desktop" are:
  • Keyman Contextual Input Method
  • Multiple keyboards at any one time
  • Automatic configuration of language options
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • On-Screen Keyboard
  • Uniscribe text rendering
  • Windows Language Integration
  • Text Services Framework support
  • Full support

Keyman is now free and open source.

Keyman 9 pro version (that installs unlimited keyboards, lets you define keyboard hotkeys and configure Keyman to start automatically) is now free to anyone. Latest version is Keyman 10 beta.

Runs on Android, Linux, Mac OS, Windows, iOS
  • OS X version is a beta. Can download the same keyboard packages as the windows version.
Unicode compatible Yes
Interface language(s) English, Tamil, French, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Portuguese
License SIL Language Freeware EULA
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