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11 March 2020 - SILKin
If a SILK file becomes corrupted, or if the computer crashes, it has been possible to lose a lot (or all) of the data. SILKin 2.4 creates back-up copies of SILK files every time the User saves their file. It also makes interim back-ups during a work session at intervals selected by the User. If anything goes wrong while saving or opening a SILK file, SILKin automatically reverts to the most recent back-up copy.
11 March 2020 - SILKin
SILKin 2.2 has been “Internationalized.” All the text that appears on screen or in menus can be displayed in French or English. Users may select their preferred language from the Menu bar. If a third language option is desired, all that is needed is translation of (voluminous) text files into the new language.
18 February 2020 - Paratext
In Paratext 9, you can have multiple text collections open at the same time.  Several users have contacted us to say that this is very useful, and they think we should tell people about this feature. For instance, a translator working in India might want to use one text collection for English translations and a second text collection for translations in Indian languages.  These two text collections can be used at the same time: Because text collections can be large, it is often helpful to put... read more
30 January 2020 - Paratext
I must really emphasize how important Paratext has become to our project for work on the OT. We are scattered over several continents now, and it is awesome to have the most recent text always before us and to be able use the live feature which we now heavily rely on!!! Most of our work is done now online. Thanks for your work towards this project.  —anonymous user
12 December 2019 - FLExTrans

Latest Version (FLExTrans 2.0 with Sense Linker 2.2.1 & Live Rule Tester 3.1.2) - December 12, 2019 FLExTrans now is compatible with FLEx 9. Click on the above link to download FLExTrans. See the Installation page for instructions on installing.

Previous versions of FLExToolsWithFLExTrans

(FLExTrans 1.7 with Sense Linker 2.2.1 & Live Rule Tester 3.1.2) FLExToolsWithFLExTrans 1.7 - April 20, 2019 FLExTrans now has a Testbed feature! Run... read more
12 December 2019 - FLExTrans

Installation Instructions

Installation Steps (FLExTrans now requires FLEx 9 or higher and 64-bit Windows is assumed): FLExTrans is a Windows tool that runs on a platform called FlexTools. FlexTools requires Python for Windows which must be installed separately. Download for 64-bit Windows Double-click the file to run the install. IMPORTANT: Make sure on the install step, Customize Python 2.7.17 that you click on the red X next to Add python.exe to... read more
10 December 2019 - Paratext
Paratext has a feature called Paratext Live that lets a group of users edit the same document at the same time, keeping their versions up to date on each computer as they work together.  This can be used, for instance, when a group is discussing a text, allowing several people to edit the text and improve on each other’s changes, evaluating the result together before agreeing on the best translation.  This is similar to the kind of collaborative editing found in editing environments like Google... read more
12 November 2019 - XLingPaper
On November 12, 2019, XMLmind sent the following email with links to its FAQ page for what to do to get the XMLmind XML Editor to run on Mac OS X Catalina: Hello, We have added this two FAQs for those who want to run XMLmind Software applications on macOS 10.15 Catalina before we officially support this operating system. These two new FAQs apply to any XMLmind Software application installed on macOS 10.15 Catalina using its .dmg distribution. — I have successfully downloaded and installed your... read more
08 November 2019 - XLingPaper
XLingPaper version 3.6.0 (for the XMLmind XML Editor version 7.2+ or 8.2+) and version 2.36.0 (for the XMLmind XML Editor version 5.3) are now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This new version of XLingPaper is a maintenance version, containing mostly bug fixes. If you have not previously installed XLingPaper, you can obtain an installation program for Windows, Mac or Linux at If you have already installed XLingPaper version 2.10.0 or higher... read more
29 October 2019 - XLingPaper
One XLingPaper user upgraded his Mac OS X to Catalina and discovered that the XMLmind XML Editor does not work with this new Mac OS. He could not navigate to open files, any linked/referenced files in a document were not found, and he could not produce a PDF, among other issues. So do not update to Catalina.
14 October 2019 - Paratext
We are pleased to announce that the Paratext 9 final release is now available on the Paratext download page. Paratext 9 will help translators work more efficiently through improved menus and window layouts, and by providing easier access to reference materials through Enhanced Resources. The Paratext 9 beta has been available since mid-June, and has been used in active translation projects and translator’s workshops, where it has been well-received.

Why switch to Paratext 9?

Paratext 9... read more
11 October 2019 - Paratext

Menu system

The menu system in Paratext has changed from having menus visible all the time (above the toolbar) to having menus that are accessible by clicking on a menu icon: . The series of menu items to open various items has been reduced to a single “Open” command on the main menu.

Enhanced Resources

An Enhanced Resource is a resource text in which many words and phrases are linked to source language research material. That research material assists users... read more
27 September 2019 - Webonary

ALT 2019

I had the opportunity to attend the 13th Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology at the University of Pavia, Italy on 4-6 September 2019 and was able to introduce many people to the resources and products SIL International makes available for language work. Read Newsletter…
18 September 2019 - Adapt It
The Adapt It development team is pleased to announce the release of Adapt It Mobile 1.2.0 for Android, and Adapt It Mobile 1.2.3 for iOS, available today through the Google Play store and Apple Store.

Download links:


What’s new in Adapt It Mobile 1.2

Split Window Support

Adapt It... read more
26 August 2019 - FLExTrans

FLExTrans -- A Linguist-Friendly Machine Translation System for Low-Resource Languages

Low-resource languages have largely been left out of the machine translation revolution. Because of insufficient text data, the results of using statistical machine translation are subpar. FLExTrans is a transfer-based machine translation system that doesn't rely on lots of text data and is easy to use for ordinary linguists. It is linguist-friendly because a central component is... read more
15 July 2019 - Paratext
Applying a Project Plan to an existing project is one of the biggest frustrations for teams that are starting to use the Project Plan to manage assignments and keep track of their progress.  You may have a dozen books that are already consultant checked and some that have already been printed.  Yet, when you or your administrator applies a new plan to your project, you find that you are unable to mark tasks as done for work that is already completed.  The Stages Table provides a simple grid (... read more
10 June 2019 - Paratext
We are pleased to announce that Paratext 9 is now available as a beta version. Paratext 9 will help translators work more efficiently, creating better layouts, and providing easier access to reference materials through Enhanced Resources. It has already gone through a lot of testing and users have been very happy with it. You may encounter some minor problems that we aren’t aware of yet, so there will continue to be some minor changes over the next couple months as we work towards the official... read more
07 June 2019 - FLExTrans

Edit Transfer Rules with XMLMind XML Editor (XXE)

This editor gives you a nice graphical interface for creating your transfer rules as shown in this example: Here's the steps you take to get it working: Install XXE. See instructions on this website. (This is the same editor used with XLingPaper) Start XMLMind and close it again. (This creates the addon folder needed below.) Extract the zip file to the %AppData%\XMLmind\XMLEditor8\addon folder. You can get to... read more
14 May 2019 - XLingPaper
XLingPaper version 3.5.0 (for the XMLmind XML Editor version 7.2+) and version 2.35.0 (for the XMLmind XML Editor version 5.3) are now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This new version of XLingPaper has a number of improvements and bug fixes. The main highlights are: Improve loading speed for object elements via CSS. Allow a refAuthorInitials element to contain langData, etc., elements. Add replacecolonwith attribute to citationLayout element to allow something other than a colon between... read more
10 May 2019 - Adapt It

Adapt It version 6.9.4 release 9 May 2019

Feature changes and new features in the 6.9.4 release

This release provides updates for the new usability feature to Adapt It that was introduced in version 6.9.0 – the Choose Translation drop down list. This release corrects additional rough edges and non-ideal interface characteristics that were found in versions 6.9.1 through 6.9.3. Those issues were eliminated and other enhancements made available in the current update 6... read more