Things SayMore Does Not Do

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We want to save you time if SayMore isn’t for you, so we’ll try to keep this page up to date with things folks have asked about that they can’t do with SayMore.

SayMore Does Not…

  • …run on Mac or Linux, except through a Virtual Machine running windows
  • …have any kind of media editing
  • …handle multiple custom tiers. Instead, SayMore borrows ELAN’s file format, so that you can do the basics in SayMore (transcription and translation) and then just double-click on the file to do further work in ELAN.
  • …handle multiple speaker transcription. You can use a different tool (Transcriber or ELAN) for your transcription, and just drop the files into SayMore.
    * …have a place to enter project information: who funded the work? Where was it held? Etc.
  • …do interlinearization. It does have an “Export to FLEx” command for sending your transcriptions out.
  • …aim to be easy for people new to computers, with the exception of the transcription & oral annotation tools. (Yes, we would love to go build a similar tool aimed at “Rice Farmers”).

Something Else?

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