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Info updated: 2021-04-04
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Recording speakers of the world’s languages is fun and rewarding, but keeping all the resulting files and meta data organized?  SayMore makes that part fun, too.


Record Project Data

  • Enter data about the project as whole, including funding, location, access rights, related publications, etc.

  • Attach documents that describe the project or how it was funded.

Organize Session Data

  • Pull the day’s recordings directly off your camera or audio device, creating Session folders for each one.
  • Enter meta-data about the event as a whole, and also for individual files.
  • Add any kind of file related to the session, including audio and video recordings, photographs, & transcriptions.  Keep using your preferred annotation tools, including Elan & Transcriber.  Just use SayMore to keep it all organized.
  • Single-click to rename a files according to a naming standard.
  • View a media file right in SayMore, or launch an external application to work with it.

Organize People Data

  • Enter information about session participants.
  • Add evidence of informed consent, be it audio, video, or photographs or a signed form.
  • Single-click to rename a file according to a naming standard.

Monitor Progress Towards Your Goals

  • View charts and other statistics of your progress

Archive your data

  • People working with archives that can ingest IMDI-format xml metada can have SayMore create packages for their project and each session.
  • SIL members can use SayMore to quickly submit a package of all the relevant files and metadata too SIL's "RAMP" archive-submission application.

New Features in the Version 3

Project-level Metadata & files

IMDI Archiving, through ARBIL or other programs

New person and session fields.

New "Contributions" Tab for each person, showing all the sessions they've been a part of, and what they did.

The Manual Segmenter Dialog now has a play button on individual segments, and a zoom control.


New Features in the Version 2

  • Convert Audio and Video formats to archiving standards
  • Careful Speech recording (BOLD)
  • Oral Translation recording (BOLD)
  • Written transcription tool
  • Export to FLEx interlinear
  • Export subtitles
  • Export Toolbox
  • Export to spreadsheet
  • Annotations use same file format as ELAN.
  • Simple Recording tool for new recordings, without leaving SayMore


See a full list of screenshots at the SayMore website.