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Adapt It

Info updated: 2019-07-24
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Adapt It is an automated adaptation tool to adapt text from one language into a related language.  It accomplishes this by memorizing word translations as the user types them, and automatically suggesting them when the word is encountered again.  The user has the option to use the previous tanslation or to insert a new translation at any point.  Phrases of one, two, or up to ten words can be treated as an idiom or expression and replaced wholesale with another phrase.  What makes Adapt It shine is its simplicity.  The set-up process is very simple, and you can be up and working in half an hour or less.

Adapt It was designed for either plain text files or structured text files using backslash markers.  Specifically, it reads Unified Standard Format Markers, a markup language used in Bible translation.

It does not do linguistic parsing or analysis, operating only on wordforms.  However, the speed and simplicity of the way it works, makes up for its lack of sophistication in other areas.  In fact, to start using it can be downright addicting, especially in languages with limited combinations of affixes and clitics.

Because it is a word-for-word or phrase-for-phrase translation, care must be taken to edit the output for naturalness.  Its product is a rough draft that can then be smoothed out in a text editing program.  Or, Adapt It has a built in free translation line that allows you to begin with the literal translation produced in the first pass and smooth it out.

For standards compliance, I recommend downloading the Unicode version and converting your data to Unicode before using it.

Support free
Status Stable/Production
SIL Status Supported
Runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Unicode compatible Yes
Features none listed
Interface language(s) English, French, Indonesian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Azeri, Tok Pisin
Developed by
License Freeware (all uses)
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