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Info updated: 2021-04-04
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Learning to read takes books. Learning to read well, and developing a love of reading, takes lots of books.  Books at all different skill levels. But how are low-literacy language communities ever to get all those books in their language?  They can do it with Bloom.

Shell Books

Bloom uses collections of "shell books" that come with multiple source languages. Read the ones you understand, type in a translation in your language, and you're done!


Bloom comes with templates for Picture Dictionaries, Wall Calendars, and a "Basic Book" with template pages for the most common simple books.

Clear Intellectual Property Rights

Bloom helps authors and illustrators record copyright and select a license.

Multilingual Books

Toggle between monolingual, bilingual, and trilingual layouts

Open, Standard Format

Bloom books are based on the same formats as the Web and EPub Ebooks: HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and Java Script

PDF Booklets

Click on Bloom's Publish tab, and voilà! You have a PDF file laid out as a booklet, ready for saving or printing.

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