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Info updated: 2019-09-05
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The purpose of PrimerPro is to assist the literacy worker in the development of primers for a given language. The application performs these functions (and more):

  • It can suggest a teaching order of the graphemes based upon a word list or text data, using an algorithm which calculates their productivity.

  • It supports alphabets that contains consonants, vowels, tones and/or syllographs.

  • It can give a list of words containing any given grapheme from the word list or text data.

  • It can track "graphemes taught" ongoingly.

  • It can give a list of "buildable" (using only graphemes taught) words from the word list or from the text data for use in a primer lesson / story.

  • It can give a list of usable phrases for a story, taken from the text data.

  • It can check a primer story for untaught residue.

  • It can give frequency counts for graphemes within the word list or text data.

  • It can search the wordlist and give you sets of minimal pairs for any two graphemes you have listed for the language (including tone, long and short vowels, etc.)

  • It can perform a variety of advanced searches, based upon part of speech or other features.

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