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Cipher Music Font

Info updated: 2019-07-24
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This unicode font uses smart rendering (Graphite) to support the numeric musical notation used in Indonesia and other Asian countries. An InKey keyboard is provided for keyboarding the data, and LibreOffice Writer is the recommended editing software.

The font defaults to displaying musical slurs in Indonesian kepatihan mode (slurs below the notes), but also provides a mode that's more conducive to editing (slur tips only), and a third mode for Chinese jianpu (slurs above the notes). These modes are easiest to access if using the styles and macros in the provided template.


Status Stable/Production
SIL Status Unsupported
Runs on Windows, Linux
Unicode compatible Yes
Features none listed
Interface language(s) English, Indonesian
Developed by
License OFL (SIL Open Font License)
Download page, Introductory Video

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