Aide à la tâche : OS Basics

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While hardware support is not a goal of a Language Technologist, in the absence of a dedicated technician, it is often necessary to resolve basic operating system configuration problems before continuing with LT work, as well as to keep your machine in working order. This competency invites the Language Technologist to become familiar with the common configuration issues that might obstruct or delay LT work. This may include, but is not limited to, software installation or removal, display configuration, creating shortcuts, accessing remote drives, and managing files.

Assessment Criteria: 

Able to troubleshoot installation issues, and configure operating system for optimal use.

Activités de croissance

Les activités suivantes ont été identifiées pour atteindre comptency en terme de % : nom en apprenant les niveaux à Expert.


Identify the operating system and configure basic options.


Spend time with an IT professional Installing, activating and configuring an operating system.


Explore and use the latest appropriate operating system, then help users adjust when they upgrade.


Research alternate Operating Systems.