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Info updated: 2019-07-24
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 The following functions are supported:


  • Constraint ranking (using  Constraint Demotion (Tesar and Smolensky 1993) and other algorithms)

  • Diagnosis of failed constraint sets
  • Location of redundant constraints
  • Automated ranking argumentation
  • Preparation of standardly formatted tableaux
  • Factorial typology
  • IPA phonetic symbols

Version 2.1 of OTSoft (still posted on this site) also supports:

  • Hasse diagrams (graphic representation of ranking)
  • A priori (user-specified) rankings
  • Autoentry of some constraint violations by structural descriptions
  • "Stochastic tableaux" in the output of the Gradual Learning Algorithm

Version 2.3 (in beta) supports:

  • Improved ranking argumentation (algorithm of Prince and Brasoveanu)

  • Accurate assessment of "is needed" for constraints (fix bug)

  • Maxent grammars

OTSoft was programmed primarily by Bruce Hayes, with contributions by Bruce Tesar and Kie Zuraw.


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