Review of Dictionary App Builder by Lloyd Hamann

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This app is excellent in its capabilities and ease of creation.

This app is extremely user-friendly for the app creator. It is well-integrated with other SIL programs, with lexical entries being created from a LIFT export file from Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx), WeSay, or Lexique Pro.  The 14-page PDF ( gives the necessary details in format and language that non-programmers can understand readily.

The user interface is, likewise, user-friendly. The app works on Android tablets and smaartphones. The app creator can customize the app to make it feel natural in the user's language and culture, through culturally-meaningful PNG graphics, color schemes, colors of individual items, and even a splash screen. The creator can input sound files that link to lexical entries. Having sound files makes this a useful literacy tool for pre-literate/developing literate societies. 

The functionality of this app is feasible for locations with not well-developed internet service or access.  It can be installed and used without needing internet access, even if the app has sound files (if the sound files are input in a certain way). It can be distributed to those who would like to install it, via Bluetooth, microSD, email, websites or the Google Play store.

In conclusion, all the details necessary to create and distribute Dictionary App Builder can be accessed through  This tool has much potential for being a gift to minority language groups.