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Scripture App Builder

Info updated: 2021-08-11
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Scripture App Builder is a tool for taking formatted text like USFM files from Paratext and making them into an Android app that will display the text on an Android phone or tablet. If audio files exist, they can be built into the app, so that as the audio plays, the corresponding words in the text are highlighted. If you use HearThis to record the audio for your Paratext project, incorporating the two together in an app is quite straightforward (HearThis automatically stores the timing information needed for the text-audio synchronization). 

The resulting Android app can be copied via USB cable or Bluetooth to Android devices, or shared on micro SD cards, or published to app stores on the Internet. The program can also produce texts in EPUB format suitable for electronic readers or reading apps on Android or iOS.

It is not just for Scripture, it can also make apps from any kind of texts, such as literacy materials, local stories or educational texts. Audio recordings made in a variety of sources can be included. To make the audio-text synchronization work, you need to supply timing information with the audio, which can be done in Audacity. 

The supported OS list below refers to Windows and Linux. This refers to the tool that builds the apps. The resulting apps can be used on any Android version from 2.3 onward. 

The ability to make iOS apps (for Apple devices) is being developed, as well as a Mac OS version of the builder software.

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Introducing Scripture App Builder

Status Stable/Production
SIL Status Supported
Runs on Windows, Linux
  • The software for building apps requires Linux or Windows. The apps run on Android.
Unicode compatible Yes
Interface language(s) English, French, Spanish
Developed by
License Freeware (all uses)
Download page Download - Scripture App Builder, Example of a school book app made with Scripture App builder, An example Scripture app

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