LingTranSoft website updated

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We are excited to launch the new LingTranSoft website, and this time we hope it is more user friendly than the last one. Single sign-on was a priority, and if you have a gmail account, you can quickly register and you won’t have another password to remember. Of course, if you do have your old password, it will still work, but I’d recommend logging on with a Google account if you can.

What’s new on LingTranSoft?

  • Aggregated newsfeeds - If any of the software listed here has a newsfeed, that news will be gathered and posted on the main page for that software. In addition, the old site's news page was overrun by the more prolific feeds. Now, only the most recent post from each feed will be shown, making it much easier to get an overview of what is happening.
  • Blog posts - We will try to have blog posts updated at least monthly on the site, and will solicit contributions from various people. You'll be able to vote up blog posts, and that will be a good way to know which authors to invite back.
  • Embedded video podcast - Rather than producing a monthly podcast as we've done in the past, we will distribute our news updates via the blog posts, and as we are able, we will feature news or demo videos embedded in those articles.
  • Add reviews - On each application page there is a link to create a review. Reviews can be submitted by any registered user and will be featured on the application page.
  • Commenting - The new site will use the Disqus system for managing comments. This will solve the problem of spam comments and hopefully allow us to engage in helpful discussions about the tools. Disqus requires a separate login to post comments, but will accept Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Please contribute to make this site even better! And your patience is appreciated for potential problems with the site. Use the contact form to explain any problems you've had with the site and we'll do our best to fix them.