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Asheninka Syllable Parser

Info updated: 2017-04-04
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The Asheninka Syllable Parser is a tool to explore using several different algorithms for parsing orthographic words into syllables. It can also insert discretionary hyphens in words. It is designed to work with any language whose orthography is roman-based.

It has the following capabilities: One can get word lists from ParaTExt and FLEx. One can see predicted syllabification and quickly compare to correct syllabification. One can export hyphenated words for use by ParaTExt and InDesign. Runs on Linux, Mac,and Windows. It can syllabify thousands of words per second. (Over 50,000 words/second on my computer.) One can backup and restore data sets. The backup can include a comment about what the state was at the time. It can be used as a spelling checker (if a word will not syllabify, it may have a typo). (Noted by David J. Weber in

Version : 0.4.0 Alpha
Support: free, email author, forum or wiki
SIL Status: Experimental
Runs on: Linux, Mac OS, Windows
Unicode compatible: Yes
Interface language(s): English, Spanish
License: LGPL (Lesser GPL)