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Bantu Literacy Tool

Info updated: 2018-11-12
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An outdated program. It has now been replaced by Primer Pro.


The BLT makes primer-making simple. It produces a tentative teaching order for graphemes, by conducting two kinds of frequency counts for each grapheme (letter, digraph or consonant cluster to be taught). It makes story-writing with a controlled vocabulary (using only letters which have been taught in the texts which accompany each lesson) a much more pleasant, creative experience than before. The BLT software does a lot of tedious work which native authors and literacy specialists traditionally had to do themselves. Now, the author retains all his creativity but is given a list of usable words for each lesson. Each story he writes can then be checked by computer. The BLT searches the text and highlights any untaught element.

The BLT uses two primary resources for all of the work it does: wordlists, and texts. It uses both to find words and phrases which the writer and literacy specialist need in order to construct a primer.

Support free, email author
SIL Status Discontinued
Runs on Windows
Unicode compatible Yes
Features none listed
Interface language(s) English
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License Freeware (all uses)
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