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The purpose of PrimerPro is to assist the literacy worker in the development of primers for a given language. The application performs these functions (and more):

  • It can suggest a teaching order of the graphemes based upon a word list or text data, using an algorithm which calculates their productivity.

  • It supports alphabets that contains consonants, vowels, tones and/or syllographs.

  • It can give a list of words containing any given grapheme from the word list or text data.

  • It can track "graphemes taught" ongoingly.

  • It can give a list of "buildable" (using only graphemes taught) words from the word list or from the text data for use in a primer lesson / story.

  • It can give a list of usable phrases for a story, taken from the text data.

  • It can check a primer story for untaught residue.

  • It can give frequency counts for graphemes within the word list or text data.

  • If can search the wordlist and give you sets of minimal pairs for any two graphemes you have listed for the language (including tone, long and short vowels, etc.)

  • It can perform a variety of advanced searches, based upon part of speech or other features.




Kent Schroeder



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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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English, French



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PrimerPro proved to be very useful

In the process of drafting basic primers to me PrimerPro proved to be a very useful tool. PrimerPro is user friedly and can be handled easily by an everage computer literate person. A veriety of features and specific search functions are available. One excample how PrimerPro helpes to speed up the primer production process: Mother tongue speakers can be provided with lists of usable words to write the text for each respective lesson due to the very specific search options of PrimerPro (restrict to graphems taught / part of speech / minimal pairs / tone etc.). This is especially useful for the very first lessons in the consonant primers, when the choices of buildable words are still very limited. One excample how PrimerPro helpes to get a quality product: The feature ‘Untaught Residue Search’ is very efficient to avoid using untaught graphems in each respective lesson. I have used PrimerPro for primers in thre Bantu languages (Malila, Vwanji, Kilwana) and one Chadic language (Lis ma Ron) and I will certainly use it again. Brigitte Niederseer, Literacy Coordinator.

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