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Info updated: 2021-08-11
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Displays lexicons from Paratext interlinearizer in an easy searchable form.

What you can do with the list

Glossy shows you the quick lexicon generated from the interlinearizer.

  • Search: Type anything in the search box at the top to search for it.
  • Starts with: Type one letter to show only words starting with that letter.
  • Sort: Click a column heading to search by that column.
  • Find this: Click on any word to search for that word. Good for finding similar words.
  • Refresh to see recent changes: If you’ve made many changes to interlinearised text in Paratext, you can reload the list by telling the browser to refresh the page.
  • Give it to someone else: You can easily take the whole sortable, searchable lexicon to another computer by copying the whole glossy folder, complete with the appropriate xxx_Lexicon.xml file, where xxx is the Paratext project code. If you remove any lexicon files you don’t want people to use, you’ll either have to tell people to load the lexicon.xml file directly or you should edit the lex_list.html file to remove references to the other removed lexicons.


How to install

  • Download Glossy-1.2 [300K] and extract the glossy folder. Make sure it's writeable.
  • Copy that glossy folder into your My Paratext Projects folder or anywhere else on your computer.
  • Make sure your My Paratext Projects folder is at C:\My Paratext Projects. You can change the file if you have your projects stored somewhere else.
  • [Optionally] Make a shortcut to the run_glossy_watcher file and the display_glossies file from that folder and put them somewhere convenient.

How to run glossy

  • Open Paratext first.
    • Run the run_glossy_watcher.bat batch file. This watches for changes from Paratext.
  • Open the display_glossies.html file in FirefoxInternet Explorer or Safari (not Chrome).
    • (If you use Chrome, open the open_glossy_chrome.bat file.)
    • Then choose a language from the list at the top.

Support free, email author
Status Stable/Production
SIL Status Unsupported
Runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Unicode compatible Yes
Interface language(s) English (minimal)
Developed by
License GPL (GNU Public License)
Download page Glossy Download