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Info updated: 2019-07-24
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PalmSurv will take the place of paper and pen in word list elicitation by enabling a surveyor to transcribe word lists directly onto his/her PalmOS handheld computer. Different views of the data allow the surveyor to visually compare word lists and scroll through forms elicited in the language being researched. The word list data can then be transferred to a desktop computer via HotSync.

PalmSurv is designed only as the data collection front-end for WordSurv and does not do any statistical analysis of the data collected.

PREREQUISITES: PalmOS versions 3.5 and higher. WordSurv or Wordcorr is required for statistical analysis of data.

For more information, use this link.

Support free, forum or wiki
Status Stable/Production
SIL Status Discontinued
Runs on Other
Unicode compatible Yes
Interface language(s) English
Developed by
License Open Source
Download page PalmSurv