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Pathway takes Scripture translation or dictionary data and presents it in various publishable forms.

It can be used in either FieldWorks or Paratext. Once installed, you will see new export options which allow you to send data from these applications to Open Office, InDesign, PDF, Epub, and other formats, for publication or draft printing.


  • Leverage the knowledge of publishing staff to help field teams have:
    • Good scripture layouts (language/page size etc)
    • Good dictionary layouts
    • Knowledge about publisher constraints and layout constraints
  • Provide the field user one-button output options
  • Empower the project manager to adjust output if necessary.
  • Give acceptable defaults for pictures and headers
  • Handle a mixture of left-to-right and right-to-left text
  • Use Unicode and Graphite font technologies





SIL International


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Supported Operating Systems

Linux, Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit

Unicode Support


Suitable tasks

  • Publish linguistic data (e.g. phonetic data and interlinear texts)
  • Create distributable media products (audio CDs of stories, illustrated audiobooks, cultural videos, etc.)
  • Make publication-quality printouts or PDFs
  • Create distributable media products (audio CDs, illustrated audiobooks, Jesus Film, etc.)
  • Manipulate data (e.g. SFM or XML)
  • A useful template (e.g. for a research grant proposal or linguistic paper, etc.)

Interface Language



GPL (GNU Public License)

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Vernacular Scripture on ereaders and smart phones

One thing that Pathway can do is take a project from Paratext and export it into epub format, PDF format, or GoBible format for ereader or mobile device.. Imagine being able to access your Scripture text on portable devices!

Release candidate 1.02

Release candidate 1.02 is now available on the download page. The "stable version" download will still be the 0.7.10 version.

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