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FieldWorks Translation Editor (TE)

Info updated: 2021-08-11
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Outdated: SIL says Translation Editor is now minimally supported. Use Paratext instead. 

Translation Editor helps Bible translators edit and check Biblical text in a vernacular language.

In Translation Editor, members of a translation team can do any of the following:

  • Edit Scripture text in almost any language of the world for which there are Unicode-based fonts, keyboards, and writing systems.
  • Produce back translations for checking.
  • Review drafts and insert notes.
  • Use anthropological and lexical data in the FieldWorks project to support translation decisions.
  • Run checking tools to find errors.
  • Create and use a spelling dictionary to check the spelling of the vernacular language, and use spelling dictionaries for the languages of wider communication (e.g. in back translations).
  • View Biblical resources from Paratext if it is installed.
  • Control opening and placement of Libronix window when starting.
  • Synchronized scrolling with other programs (e.g. Translators Workplace, Libronix, etc.)
  • Scripture treated as texts in the FieldWorks suite which means that all of the work FLEx allows with texts (e.g., interlinear, discourse charting, text annotations, parsing, etc) all works on the Scripture data as well


Support free
Status Stable/Production
SIL Status Discontinued
Runs on Windows, Linux
Unicode compatible Yes
Features none listed
Interface language(s) English, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese
Developed by
License Open Source

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