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Info updated: 2016-07-05
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Bibledit is a multi-platform Bible editor, providing tools to the Bible translator.



  • Native USFM text editor, several texts can be opened at once
  • Project notes editor
  • Chapter and book outline view
  • Resizeable and moveable windows
  • Easy application of styles
  • Styles editor
  • Selection and display of project notes by various parameters
  • Online help
  • Backup and restore
  • Import and export
  • Resources display
  • Spelling check
  • Simple or more advanced interface
  • Merge projects.
  • Collaboration via a USB drive or the Internet

Version : 4
Support: forum or wiki
Runs on: Linux, Windows, Mac OS
Unicode compatible: Yes
Interface language(s): English
License: GPL (GNU Public License)
User group: Bibledit mailing list