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Info updated: 2020-11-13
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What is Render?

Render is an oral Bible translation software developed and tested by three partnering agencies: Seed Company, Pioneer Bible Translators and Faith Comes By Hearing.

Translating with Render

Render is a software that guides oral communicators in producing oral Scripture for their own language group. One or more (up to four) audio recordings are pre-loaded into Render to act as references for a new translation. A translator or translation team listens to the source languages, translates orally into the target language and records the new translation in Render.

Stages in the Translation Process

  • Listen to a Bible in a language the translator understands.
  • Translator records the passage or bit of verse into his own language.
  • Peer review-- other team members listen to draft recording.
  • Draft recording is revised and re-recorded as needed.
  • Community Testing-- Community groups listen to draft and record their comments about it.
  • Translation team listens to the notes from community testing and make the changes they feel are appropriate.
  • Consultant Check--Consultant uses an audio back translation.  If requested the back translation can be transcribed. Notes can be transcribed for the consultant if requested.
  • Translation team revises the recording based on input from the consultant.


  • Acts as a workflow management system
  • Incorporates all Bible translation roles
  • Guides users with color-driven buttons
  • Has an icon-based interface
  • Is made for people with varying levels of:
    • education
    • literacy
    • technological savvy

To see an explanation of the software and a demonstration:

Translation teams have to request permission to use Render.  The following links give more information about that process:

The email contact for Render at Faith Comes by Hearing:

[email protected]

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