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Info updated: 2019-07-24
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SILKin is software designed to facilitate collection, analysis, and reporting of kinship terminologies. The program graphically displays genealogical structures and intelligently supports development of term definitions.

SILKin is a Java application with 2 major functions:

  1. Support a field worker who is gathering genealogical data and kin terms in order to analyze the kinship terminology and concepts in a new language. Allow User to draw family tree diagrams, labeling each node (person or family) with details e.g. name, birth & death dates, and kin terms relative to a particular Ego. Record the kinship data in dyads.
  2. When invoked by User, apply a Machine Learning algorithm to the collected data (dyads) to induce definitions for each kin term and identify similarities to previously-analyzed kinship systems in the SILKin library. In addition to proposing definitions, also identify potential synonyms, umbrella terms, or anomalies in the data.

Support free, email author
Status Stable/Production
SIL Status Supported
Runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Unicode compatible Yes
Features none listed
Interface language(s) English
Developed by
License GPL (GNU Public License)
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