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Translators Workplace

Info updated: 2016-08-10
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Resource materials for Bible translators, Includes Bibles in many different languages; Greek and Hebrew texts, lexicons and dictionaries, commentaries, translation handbooks, articles and other reference materials.

The content comes in two formats, depending on the program used to display the content. The Folio views program is how Translators Workplace has always been distributed, and the new Logos version. The Logos version does not require any additional purchases from Logos to use, there is a way to download the Logos software without buying a base version of their resources.


Version :
Support: forum or wiki
SIL Status: Supported
Runs on: Linux, Mac OS, Windows
   Mac OS: Logos version. Linux: Folio version can be used with WIne, perhaps Logos as well?
Unicode compatible: Unknown
Interface language(s): English
License: Restricted (user must qualify)