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ParaTExt Lexicon Extraction Tool

Info updated: 2016-12-02
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Utility that extracts the word forms, morphemes and their glosses from the lexicon.xml file generated by the project interlinearizer in ParaTExt and converts them into a Standard Format file that can then be imported into a Fieldworks database.

The glosses can be in more than one writing system, but the receiving Fieldworks project must already be configured for those writing sytems before the import is begun. 

If the resulting SFM file is importing data into an Fieldworks database that already has data, then the possibility of having duplicate headwords is very likely.

Version :
Support: free, email author
SIL Status: Experimental
Runs on: Windows
Unicode compatible: Yes
Interface language(s): English
License: Freeware (all uses)
Download page: ParatextLexiconSetup.exe