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Info updated: 2017-11-17
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SFM2Web is a Python3 program that converts materials encoded using SIL's Standard Format Marker format (see a very brief description here) into web pages. The program can convert a lexicon, interlinear texts, Bible books, a multilanguage phrasebook, and language lessons, etc. into xHTML pages with formatting determined by cascading stylesheets (CSS).

These web pages may then be copied to a web server for publication to the Internet or to an intranet. But these aren't the only uses for the web pages. They can also be viewed on a local computer to view and/or check one's own work. Or they can be sent to a dictionary
or translation consultant as a convenient way for him/her to review one's work, especially since the consultant can take advantage of the formatted dictionary and text pages, etc., and the side-by-side or interlinear displays of the Scriptures with back translation, complete with live links into the dictionary/lexicon. They can also be put onto a thumbdrive or burned onto optical media for distribution and viewing on computers without broadband internet access.