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SILAS (Smart Interactive Layout Assistant for Scripture)

Info updated: 2016-07-05
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A Microsoft Word template to provide smarter and safer layout of RTF files exported from Paratext, Adapt It or Fieldworks Translation Editor.

To see why you might choose to use SILAS rather than just printing the RTF file as it comes out of the software named above, see the SILAS wiki page on Benefits.

It also has macros to

  1. convert SFM data to a styled Word document
  2. convert a styled Word document to USFM, for input to Adapt It, Bibledit, Paratext or Translation Editor.

Point 1 serves well for standardizing text typed on a basic computer like an Alphasmart NEO with some approximation of USFM codes, while point 2 exports the styled data as standardized USFM text.