• PrimerPrep

    Note: On some computers, when you start PrimerPrep it takes a little while to open the window. So when you first start the program, please be patient!

    Note: For a few days, AVG was reporting a Trojan Horse virus in PrimerPrep. That false positive has been fixed, so if you still see this problem, please update your AVG definitions.

    (Extracted from the help file)

  • Text Analysis

    A suite of programs designed to assist in text-based linguistics and lexicography.

    Includes the following programs:

    WDL - Word List
    WS - Word Segment Analysis
    DICR - Dictionary Reversal
    SRT - Select, Sort, and Format
    IC - Interactive Concordance
    ANSM - Answer Menu Interface

    For more information, use this contact.

  • PcPatr Browser

    PcPatr Browser

    This tool makes it much easier to see the results of syntactic parses produced by the PC-PATR program (  For each sentence, it shows the interlinear result and the syntactic tree.  When one clicks on a node in the tree, it also shows the features at that node and the rule in the PC-PATR grammar file.

    It is a .Net version 2.0 program so it requires a Windows operating system that has .Net version 2.0 or higher installed on it.