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18 April 2016 - SILKin
As requested by field workers, SILKin now can handle adoption, clans, and other non-genealogical relationships. To make this as versatile as possible, we have added User Defined Properties (UDPs) that can represent an adoptive relationship, clan membership, or anything else the User can define. This feature will be used primarily for adoptions and clans, but could be used to record locations, skills, shared gardens or resources, dining arrangements, wealth, etc. Adoption-type... read more
18 April 2016 - SILKin
Users may now create as many charts as they want for a single Context. There is still only one database of people and families, but the population can be spread over any number of charts. This keeps chart size more manageable and allows the User to group people any way they like. When a person on one chart marries someone on another chart, the User may create a link to that person. For example: Assume that the Smith family appears on Chart A and the Jones family appears on Chart B. If... read more
18 April 2016 - SILKin
A snap-to-grid option has been added to chart drawing. It is activated by default. When the User creates a new person or family on a Family Tree chart, their symbol “snaps” to the nearest empty square on an invisible grid. This keeps charts neater and well-spaced. The size of the grid can be adjusted in “Edit Prefs.”
31 March 2016 - Webonary
(March 2016) As of 1 March, fifty-six dictionaries are now available on SIL’s Webonary. Newly published are Burkina Faso Kusaal Dictionary, Dictionnaire Mbule and Dictionnaire Moore. This online resource gives minority language groups the ability to publish bilingual or multilingual dictionaries on the web with a minimum of technical help. SIL is aiming to publish 100 dictionaries on Webonary by 1 October 2016. Rapid Word Collection (RWC) workshops are a significant method of helping speakers... read more
18 March 2016 - Pathway
Epub3 TD-4561 change Xhtml schema to Epub schema in SE Build TD-4573 Remember font size and style on navigation Open Office Writer TD-4571 Blank space appears before the picture area TD-4579 Setting Picture as Frame or paragraph TD-4581 Half section number appears on TOC TD-4584 No centered page number with center header title TD-4586 No page number on outside margin with mirrored page User Interface TD-4452 Adjusted the position of the label Enable text to localize TD-4565... read more
03 February 2016 - Webonary
(January 2016) SIL’s focus this year at the Linguistic Society of America (LSA) conference was on the services SIL provides to the linguistics community. Several SIL linguists attended the 90th Annual Meeting of the LSA which was held 7-10 January in Washington, D.C. As part of its on-going involvement in cutting-edge linguistics, SIL has a long history of participation with the LSA. Verna Stutzman, coordinator of SIL’s Dictionary & Lexicography Services team, demonstrated another service,... read more
15 December 2015 - Pathway
The 1.13.4 release includes a new style sheet that helps the languages of Mexico achieve their dictionary publishing goals. It also includes an export to Sword format which is can be used both for distribution to the various Sword clients. Sword clients exist for the major desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. Here is a detailed list of the changes made: Epub3 TD-4403 Crash exporting to EPUB from Flex and Paratext TD-4491 Flex to Epub exception throw Open Office Writer LT-16655 combine... read more
10 November 2015 - XLingPaper
XLingPaper version 2.28.0 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. (Mac users: please do not upgrade to El Capitan yet. We are working on a solution for why it does not work correctly with XLingPaper.) This new version of XLingPaper has a number of improvements and bug fixes. The main highlights are: Allow an author element to have a contentType attribute (so can easily leave it out when submitting a work anonymously). In the UI, change behavior of the black drop-down button on reference... read more
25 July 2015 - XLingPaper
Recently, there have been two cases reported where a font was not displaying correctly in the XMLmind XML Editor and in the default PDF output. In both cases it was on Windows 7 and in both cases the user had installed a new version of the font in question. It turned out that there were duplicate instances of that font installed. (Why Windows 7 allowed duplicates, I have no idea.) The solution was to get a tool like TypoGraf to see what fonts are truly installed, find the duplicates, delete... read more
08 July 2015 - XLingPaper
XLingPaper version 2.27.0 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This new version of XLingPaper has a number of improvements and bug fixes. The main highlights are: Allow abbrRef elements wherever “embedded” elements can go, not just in the limited places allowed before. Allow more than one email address for a given author. You can obtain an installation program for Windows, Mac or Linux at If you have already installed XLingPaper version 2.10.0... read more
09 April 2015 - XLingPaper
An XLingPaper user has written an interesting blog post on how he has used XLingPaper’s content control mechanism to make it easier to write a single document and use it for a paper, a handout, and slides (and also for notes for the talk). See
02 February 2015 - WeSay
WeSay 1.5 is now considered the official “release version”. The Windows version can be downloaded here: and there are installation instructions for Linux on the downloads page. Most of the known bugs have been fixed. However, do check out our “Known Issues” below.

New since the Release Candidate version

Fixed a minor display problem for task tabs in localized versions.

Known Issues in WeSay 1.5

When doing Send/Receive, sometimes it times out after 900 seconds (15 minutes... read more
18 December 2014 - WeSay
A release candidate of WeSay 1.5 is now available. The Windows version can be downloaded here: and there are installation instructions for Linux on the downloads page. Most of the known bugs have been fixed, and this version is very close to being called stable. However, do check out our “Known Issues” below.

New since the Beta version

Send/Receive is now much more reliable and less likely to crash. Keyboards in general work better on Trusty. Automatic keyboard switching is now... read more
03 November 2014 - Pathway
This is a new version of OdtXslt that adds another transform to put the back link on a book name before the chapter number and at the top of each book it adds a link back to the table of contents. The text of the link back to the table of contents can be changed by changing the defined parameter in the .bat file. When there are long books, the epub export breaks them into multiple files inside the epub. In order to get the book names right for the chapters in the second and subsequent files, it... read more
01 November 2014 - Pathway
If a book was long, the ApplyAddVerseLinks transform only created the correct link for the first part of the book. With this update, this has been fixed and the link from all chapters back to the beginning of the book should work. You can download this latest version here.
21 October 2014 - WeSay
After a significant pause, a development team has been working on WeSay for Linux for the last several months.  The focus has been on getting it to run on the Precise and Trusty versions of Ubuntu Linux, and to have all the features of the Windows version.  At the same time, the Windows version was updated in the areas of keyboards and Send/Receive. We have now released a beta version of WeSay 1.5.  The Windows version can be downloaded here: and there are installation instructions for Linux... read more
20 October 2014 - WeSay
WeSay 1.4 has now been declared stable. Here’s what’s new in WeSay 1.4, which Windows users can download here:

Gather by SIL CAWL in Indonesian

The gather words task for the SIL CAWL list now allows prompts in Indonesian as well as Portuguese, Swahili, and Hausa.

Smaller .NET

WeSay now uses .NET 4.0 Client Profile.  Previous versions used .NET 3.5 Full Profile.

Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with keyboards with dashes in their name. Fixed problem with unreliable word... read more
15 September 2014 - Pathway
Summary: small adjustments to latest outputs Epub3 TD-4176 Validation Error in D33 Open Office Writer TD-4179 PDF missing reversal Table of Contents in bookmarks pane TD-4181 Table of contents missing from epub3 TD-4182 Missing space after glossary term You can use the Download link at to get the latest sprint release
09 September 2014 - Pathway
Summary: Add glossary linking to E-pub and theWord/MySword. Fix End note and References logic. Bug fixes and user interface adjustments. Common Code TD-4123 Apply license error with Prince. TD-4162 Picture doesn’t properly appear in the Prince output. Epub3 TD-4129 E-pub glossary pop ups TD-4131 Close button in E-pub type window should open E-Book TD-4134 epub3 output does not have endnote TD-4135 Epub3 e-book output does not have hierarchy TD-4137 References number appears twice in... read more
08 August 2014 - Pathway
Summary: Epub3 output, Implement MySword conversion on Linux

Detail Issues

Epub3 TD-4054 Create XSLT to transform Dictionore to (x)html5 TD-4057 Modify the package declaration for epub3 TD-4058 Produce epub3 complaint package TD-4059 For dictionary, only letter heads in spine TD-4060 Scripture TOC and Landmarks TD-4061 create epub3 destination TD-4063 Add Epub2 and Epub3 sub folders with files. TD-4064 Export Epub3 output TD-4065 Create Dialog screen with four options (Epub2,... read more