20 June 2014 - Pathway

Summary: fix issues identified by test team, Dictionary for MIDs Reversal, Provide Student Manual and more help online.

  • Common Code
    • TD-3984 Question tag appears on the scripture header in Pdf Prince
    • TD-3989 Use default locations if registry not accessible
    • TD-3895 License information on copyright page
  • Installer
    • TD-3992 Update bootstrap logic to install XeLaTeX from Team City
  • ... read more
14 May 2014 - XLingPaper

XLingPaper version 2.25.0 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This new version of XLingPaper has a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The main highlights are:

  • Add a command to convert a paper to a chapter which can then be included in a book (such as a thesis or dissertation).
  • Add ability to have an annotated bibliography. See section 4.5.18 “Annotated Bibliography” in the user documentation.
  • Add... read more
19 September 2013 - XLingPaper

This new version of XLingPaper has a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The main highlights are:

  • Allow a tablenumbered element to contain an image file (which, presumably, will be of a table).
  • Add ability to have a book contain a collection of papers (each paper as a chapter). See section 17 “Chapters in a Collection Volume” in the user documentation.
  • Add hangingIndent element as a kind of paragraph. See section 16 “Hanging Indent... read more
11 May 2013 - XLingPaper

The main highlights are:

  • Improved publisher style sheet capabilities to handle new things like those required by UNDSIL theses and other publishers, including an “author over date” references style.
  • For reference items for which there is no known author, add a way to show the title in the author position.
  • Provide a way to have the XLingPaper menu options be shorter so they fit on small computer screens.
  • Remove requirement that the page layout parameters... read more
14 March 2013 - SayMore

I recently had a stimulating time at the 3rd International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation at the University of Hawaii. There are so many warm, friendly, and energetic people working in this space.

Here’s the presentation I gave:

22 February 2013 - XLingPaper

The main highlights are:

  • Add ability to publisher style sheets to control the indent for any second and following interlinear line groups and to control the vertical space between any second and following interlinear line groups.
  • Add ability to control the column widths used in any automatically generated table of abbreviations used.
  • Let showLevel attribute of contents element have a value of 0 so that one can have a book whose table of contents shows chapters... read more
16 November 2012 - WeSay

WeSay is available for older versions of the Linux Ubuntu distribution, Lucid being the most recent. There are two releases available, wesay-stable and wesay. The wesay release is our development release that has our latest features, but may have more issues as we are actively working on it. wesay-stable will have less features, but may be more reliable.

Before you use it, you need to know that there are some features in the Windows version that are not present in the Linux version!... read more

15 November 2012 - WeSay

Here’s what’s in WeSay 1.3, which Windows users can download here:

Display glosses in Gather by Semantic Domain Task

If you configure this task so that users can enter a gloss (in addition to the vernacular word), the gloss will now show up, in grey, under the word in the list. An advisor requested this as it helps him see what is being gathered.

Correct spelling in collection tasks

In most cases, selecting and... read more

08 November 2012 - XLingPaper

Uppsala Universitet has recently published The Gilaki Language, a 445 page book. This is an English translation and expansion of the original work Giljanskij jazyk by V.S. Rastorgueva, A.A. Kerimova, A.K. Mamedzade, L.A. Pireiko, and D.I. Edel’man.

Ron Lockwood used XLingPaper to do a complete edit and reformatting of it. He also interlinearized the texts.

You may obtain a PDF of the book at... read more

03 October 2012 - XLingPaper

The main highlights are:

  • Add ability to produce an EBook in EPUB format (requires installing Calibre). See section 11.43 “Produce an EBook in EPUB Format” in the User Documentation.
  • Add capability to “frame” a portion of content, including margins and background color. (Uses framedUnit and framedType elements.) See... read more
05 July 2012 - XLingPaper

The main highlights are:

03 July 2012 - SayMore

We want to save you time if SayMore isn’t for you, so we’ll try to keep this page up to date with things folks have asked about that they can’t do with SayMore.

SayMore Does Not…

  • …run on Mac or Linux, except through a Virtual Machine running windows
  • …have any kind of media editing
  • …handle multiple custom tiers. Instead, SayMore borrows ELAN’s file format, so that you can do the basics in SayMore (transcription and translation) and then just double-click... read more
09 June 2012 - WeSay

David Rowbory in Nigeria has contributed five screen-casts he made to help people he has taught to use WeSay. Thanks David!

Do you have videos or other materials you could share with the rest of us?

24 April 2012 - WeSay

Here’s what’s in WeSay 1.2, which Windows users can download here:


Improved FLEx Collaboration

We have made various changes to smooth the process of sharing data with FLEx. Internally, these have required a lot of work, but on the surface, you won’t see much of a change.

Completely new “Input Systems” tab

In the Configuration Tool, the old “Writing Systems” tab has been replaced with an “Input Systems”... read more

04 January 2012 - XLingPaper

The main highlights are:

06 September 2011 - XLingPaper

The main highlights are:

  • Added a way to quickly increase the size of tables, whether that table was newly added or already exists. See section 6.1.1 “Increase Table Size” in the User Documentation.
  • Made a way to have interlinears automatically wrap in the default PDF output. See... read more
26 April 2011 - XLingPaper

The main highlights are:

  • Added documentation for publisher style sheets.
  • Floats: changed the implementation of the location attribute when it is set to “here”: the float will not be implemented as a true float. It will appear here in the flow.

The recent changes are:

  • 2.16.0 26 April 2011
    • Added documentation for publisher style sheets.
    • Change links in user documentation to... read more
  • 18 April 2011 - XLingPaper

    On March 23, 2011 version 2.15.0 of XLingPaper was released. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    The main highlights are:

    • Added a web page output that pays attention to an associated publisher style sheet (as much as it can; e.g. there are no page headers or footers since web pages do not have multiple pages).
    • Added a command to enter two consecutive references to examples, sections, figures, numbered tables, interlinear text... read more
    12 November 2010 - SayMore

    We’ve just released version 0.5 of SayMore.

    Events List

    As with all odd-valued releases, we assume this is beta-quality. Please download it here, and let us know your experiences with it, good or bad.

    Here are major changes:

    • When you correct the spelling of a person’s name, the name is also updated... read more
    06 October 2010 - SayMore

    SayMore 0.3 is now available for Download. The major changes are:

    • Custom Fields, with auto-type ahead.
    • You can now add new Genres.
    • In 0.1, we called a recording and its associated files a Session. In 0.3, we call this an Event. A Session/Event includes recordings which are comments/annotations on the original. The problem with the Session label was that people doing Basic Oral Language Documentation refer to... read more