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ParaTExt 7

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ParaTExt is a tool designed to help translators, exegetical advisors, translation consultants and Computer Assisted Publishing (CAP) staff produce quality translations from the point of view of both format and content.

The program enables the translator to input a first or revised draft of the text and check and review that draft against the biblical source texts and a selection of model translations and resource materials in electronic format. The UBS Translation Handbook Series complement and enhance the resources of the major Bible versions included with Paratext. The Handbooks are detailed commentaries providing exegetical, historical, cultural, and linguistic information on the books of the Bible. They are prepared primarily to assist Bible translators.

Translators and project co-ordinators can use a wide variety of checking tools in Paratext and related programs for checking the text for accuracy and consistency, in order to develop a ‘clean’ electronic database of their text. This one database of text can then serve as a basis for electronic typesetting or production of a range of different editions and formats in a variety of media.

Availability and Prerequisites

The Paratext program is a joint development project of the United Bible Societies and SIL International for use by its translation and publishing project teams. Paratext is also made available for use by other Bible agencies for whom a formal licensing arrangement has been established. Persons qualified to use Paratext will include translation consultants, translators, reviewers, and those directly engaged in the translation's production. Copyright restrictions, especially those determined by third party copyright holders, require that use and distribution of Paratext be strictly limited to those engaged in the Bible translation and publishing process.




United Bible Societies & SIL International


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SIL Status


Supported Operating Systems

Linux, Ubuntu 12.04 Precise (32 bit or 64 bit), Windows XP, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 32 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10

Unicode Support


Suitable tasks

  • Access reference materials (such as commentaries and translation notes)
  • Access original biblical language texts and other source texts
  • Create and edit Scripture database(s) to contain the translation, exegetical notes, test results, back translation, team notes, and consultant notes
  • Create and edit drafts of books directly
  • Make medium-quality printouts for testing/sharing purposes
  • Verify that no pieces of information (verses, perhaps phrases) have been accidentally omitted
  • Verify that key terms and proper names have been used consistently
  • Perform other checks (formatting, paragraph/section breaks, numbers/weights, parallel passages, OT quotations, etc.)
  • Interlinearize the translation, glossing it in an LWC
  • Create back-translations in an LWC
  • Mark the test/check status of each verse or section
  • Make publication-quality printouts or PDFs
  • Localizable (i.e. user interface can be translated)
  • With a simple user interface for new computer users
  • Compare/merge edits to the same data across multiple computers
  • Version control and backups
  • Archive data in Unicode in a long-life file format (e.g. XML)
  • Convert data between Unicode and legacy encodings

Interface Language

English, French, Indonesian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


Restricted (user must qualify)

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What is new in Paratext 7

I think the new features for sharing a project with other users either over the Internet or via a USB or network drive have a lot of potential. Imagine being able to send changes to a project to a colleague working somewhere else, in a way that changes you make won't automatically overwrite any changes they have made, and you both will be able to access the history of the project, and see just who changed what and when. 

For more info on this, see the "Lost Sheep" blog post at the Paratext site:

Another feature in Paratext 7 are some different views besides "formatted" and "unformatted".  "Basic" is a view that looks like unformatted, but it doesn't allow  you to change any USFM markers. This could be useful for users who don't want to worry about accidentally changing a USFM marker as they work.

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