Aide à la tâche : Lexical Markup

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Lexicography (creation of dictionaries) is a vast field with many specialties. Lexicons are, by nature, structured documents. various standards have been proposed, used, and abandoned over the years. A specialist needs to know current standards used in the entity, so that data can be massaged back into line when broken. Higher competency covers knowledge of the converting between different and competing standards.

Assessment Criteria: 

Is able to teach the markup standards for translation data and lexicons.

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Identify the markup commonly used in language data for your entity (XML, SFM, LIFT, etc.)


Identify the specific varieties of these markup standards used in language data for your entity (standard vs. alternate MDF, MXB SFM, PLB SFM, etc.) and understand the key differences.


Use a SFM cleanup tool (e.g. SOLID) to normalize or restructure lexical data.


Teach practitioners about the SFM structures and cleanup tools.